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Managing Your References: Mendeley

Mendeley Support

Mendeley Beginners Guide 

Mendeley Beyond the Basics

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What is Mendeley?

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Mendeley is a free reference management tool that can help you organize your references, attach PDFs, cite while you write (CWYW) and automatically generate bibliographies. Mendeley can help you find relevant articles based on what you’re reading and is also an academic social network tool that can help you collaborate online.

The Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE) gives all staff and students the following benefits:

  • 100GB of personal and shared storage
  • Unlimited groups with up to 100 collaborators

Go to to find out more, or watch this video on the benefits of Mendeley.

Compare Mendeley with other reference managers.

Mendeley: What can it do?

  • You can import references and documents into your Mendeley library:
    • from your desktop - import PDFs from folder, drag and drop files, watch folder
    • your existing reference management libraries as XML orr RIS files
    • websites - webpage snapshots, import reference metadata from websites
    • article databases - as RIS files including Google Scholar, Scopus, Science Direct 
  • You can cite while you write using the Mendeley word processor plugin and automatically generate a bibliography 
  • You can also create groups (public, invite only or private) with up to 100 members 
  • Mendeley can also recommend articles based on the contents of your library 
  • Your Mendeley library can be accessed on your computer using the Mendeley desktop software or in the cloud via your preferred web browser. An app for iOS and Android are also available for mobile devices.

Mendeley Get it

Click on the link below to sign up and download a copy of Mendeley.

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