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Medicine: DynaMed

DynaMed Plus





The Library is delighted to offer DynaMed as a clinical decision support tool. Independent studies have ranked DynaMed higher than other clinical reference services in its category. Study findings have shown that DynaMed is the most current evidence-based point-of-care reference database.

DynaMed topics include concise summaries and detailed recommendations based on the most current evidence. Clinicians and students can view the Overviews & Recommendations section of DynaMed topics to get a quick summary of the topic and recommended actions based on the most current evidence. Clinicians can easily see the levels of evidence and guidelines behind each recommendation.

Mobile. The DynaMed app is free with every subscription and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


DynaMed provides current clinical evidence to assist your decision-making for patients.

For a clinical reference resource to be truly evidence-based, conclusions must be based on the best available evidence. That means the evidence must consistently and systematically be identified, selected, evaluated, summarized and synthesized, as well as continuously updated. The DynaMed evidence-based methodology applies the following strict protocols:

  • Identifying the evidence
  • Selecting the best available evidence
  • Critical appraisal
  • Objectively reporting the evidence
  • Synthesizing multiple evidence reports
  • Basing conclusions on the evidence
  • Updating daily

Every article considered for inclusion in DynaMed is processed using this system, and the system ensures the integrity of the conclusions.

DynaMed Plus mobile

There is information available on how to download and install the DynaMed mobile app on your iOS and Android device as well as how to search and navigate the app. Install the DynaMed Mobile app 

There are two options to reauthorize the account.
1) The device must be connected to your Institutional network.
2) Or you need to create a Dynamed Personal account to reauthorize the account.

As the campus is closed, you need to create Dynamed personal accounts to reauthorize your Dynamed mobile account.

Please refer to the FAQ below to create Dynamed personal account.

DynaMed case examples

The following videos demonstrates practical patient situations:

Prescribing opioids for chronic pain: a DynaMed Plus® Case Challenge: (Length 1:57) 

Pulmonary embolism - a Dynamed Plus® Challenge: (Length 3:16)