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Research Services Unit: Research impact case studies

Project aim: To investigate the use of tools at the Library's disposal to provide evidence of the impact of research highlighted in case studies from the Division of Health Sciences.

Project status: Completed.

Outcome: Bibliometrics and/or alternative metrics (altmetrics) tailored for each of the individual case studies were supplied to the principle investigator, Maria Larcombe, to reproduce in the research impact case studies booklet. 

Researcher comments: "The Research Support Unit have been incredibly helpful in supporting the research impact project for the Division of Health Sciences. They have been very enthusiastic to take part in the project and have excelled in trying to obtain information from a variety of sources, including doing research into new programmes that were of benefit to this project. Their display of results and general communication have been excellent. They have been a great asset to have as part of this project team." (Maria Larcombe, Research Fellow, Department of General Practice and Rural Health)