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Research Publishing & Impact: Researcher Profiles & Networks

Introduction to Researcher Profiles and Networks

Establish your personal researcher profile to alert your audience to your publications. Archive your work in a research repository to make it more accessible. Join a research network or community to communicate and maximise your research impact.

Use Researcher Profiles and Researcher Networks

Create a Researcher Profile

Tools to help you claim your research and make your name known.

Why should you care about having a Researcher Profile?

  • Increasingly being asked for this by funding agencies on grant applications
  • Connects you to your work
  • Eliminates name ambiguity
  • Improves discoverability of your work
  • Links your outputs, across multiple platforms, together
  • Your ID stays with you throughout your career (no matter your affiliation)
  • Find collaborators
  • Get citation metrics
  • Some publishers of journals are now also asking for Identifiers

Use a Researcher Network

Research networks, repositories and social media tools will help you get your research out there.

Why should you care about joining a Researcher Network?

  • Develop ideas
  • Connects your work with others in your field
  • Improves discoverability of your work
  • Find collaborators, and they 'follow' you
  • Exchange information
  • Build and mine data
  • Publish findings
  • Disseminate results and your scholarship