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Library Liaison Service & Subject Librarians: Distance

Find out how Subject Librarians at the University of Otago Library can help staff and students.

Dunedin Campus

Find your subject or allied area in the Subject GuidesISBYour Librarian's contact details are on the Home page.

Wellington Campus

Wellington med

Wellington Medical Library

Level D 
23A Mein St

Your Subject contact is:

Donna Tietjens

phone: 04 385 5482



How your Subject Librarian can help you

Librarians are available at all campus libraries to help you with your assignments and research. Here are the people who you can contact for help with searching for information for your assignments or literature reviews, citing your sources,  Endnote and any research skills you might need.

If there is no guide available for your subject, browse  other Subject Guides, to find one which is closely related.

Your Subject Liaison Librarian

Addiction and Co-existing Disorders  Carol Davison
Bioethics  Richard German
Chemical Hazards Lynne Knapp
Child Health  Richard German
Children’s Issues  Lisa Chisholm or
  Kate Thompson
Clothing and Textile Sciences                 Lynne Knapp
Continence Management  Carol Davison
Dietetics                                                Lynne Knapp
Education  Paula Whitelock
Family and Systems Therapies Carol Davison
Forensic Psychiatry  Carol Davison
General Practice  Donna Tietjens or
  Richard German
Gerontology  Carol Davison
Hazard Assessment and Management  Richard German
Health Informatics  Catherine Robertson
Health Promotion  Donna Tietjens
Human Nutrition Lynne Knapp
Information Science  Catherine Robertson
Interpersonal Psychotherapy  Carol Davison
Introductory Chemistry                    Lynne Knapp
Mäori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies  Jacinta Beckwith
Medical Technology  Donna Tietjens
Mental Health  Carol Davison
Musculoskeletal Medicine  Carol Davison
Nursing  Carol Davison
Obstetrics and Medical Gynaecology  Donna Tietjens or
  Richard German
Occupational and Aviation Medicine Donna Tietjens
Occupational Medicine  Richard German
Occupational Health and Safety  Richard German
Online MBA  Catherine Robertson
Ophthalmology  Richard German
Perinatal Mental Health  Carol Davison
Pharmacy  Thelma Fisher
Physiotherapy  Thelma Fisher
Primary Health Care  Donna Tietjens
Public Health Donna Tietjens
Radiation Therapy Donna Tietjens
Rehabilitation  Donna Tietjens or Thelma Fisher
Religious Studies  Judy Fisher
Resuscitation  Donna Tietjens
Social Work Lisa Chisholm
Sport and Exercise Medicine  Richard German
Surgical Anatomy  Richard German
Surveying Justin Farquhar
Tertiary Teaching  Judy Fisher
Theology  Judy Fisher
Tourism  Teresa Smith
Travel Medicine  Donna Tietjens

Christchurch Campus

Canterbury Medical Library is now open on the 6th Floor, of the University of Otago, Christchurch building.

Off campus access to Library Resources (for students based at University of Otago, Christchurch)

Southland Campus

The Invercargill branch of the University of Otago Education Library